Microsoft releases Fresh Paint for Windows 8


Microsoft has released the first ever “Paint” app for the new Modern-UI named Fresh Paint. This gives users a more modern and simplistic way of being artistic on your PC or tablet. The app is free and will be compatible with Windows 8 systems.

Microsoft’s technet blog has announced the release of its new Paint app for the new Modern-UI in Windows 8. This app is totally different than the app shown in the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Fresh Paint is the most upscale version of paint since Windows 7.

While the old desktop version of Windows Paint is still available in Windows 8, this version gives you the option of using it (most likely) on a tablet in the new Windows user interface, and its free! It’s now available on the Windows 8 app store, Now all we wonder is…what gave Microsoft the idea of remaking Paint?

According to the article, Fresh Paint was originally designed “as a prototype for the Materials Lab at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.” Ever since it’s debut there, Fresh Paint “has been used by over 56,000 visitors at Museum of Modern Art.” If it was that popular there, would it mean that more people (consumers) would be more happy using it? In simplistic terms, it is “paint for the modern age, and has a simplicity and realism that is amazing.” Microsoft changed the way we paint on the computer.

Fresh Paint crushes Paint.exe by making it an upscale program with many different features. You can simulate a fan to “digitally dry” your paint. You can also insert a picture easily and trace over it. What kind of utensils can I use? From paint, to pastels and pencils, Fresh Paint has it all. Don’t worry, the undo button is still there.

Microsoft has released Fresh Paint to the app store and as said before, it is free to download.

Remember being a little kid opening up paint just to play around in? I wonder if that’s what our kids will be doing with this app.