Microsoft has released Visio 2016

Kareem Anderson

When Microsoft released Office 2016 for PCs and Macs recently, the narrative following reviews was that the company was finally addressing a world of real-time co-collaboration. Continuing that note of sharing and collaborative productivity, Microsoft has released Visio 2016.
Visio 2016 is an industry-leading diagramming solution. Specifically, Visio 2016 has been helping businesses define processes, documenting best practices and tools for establishing visualizations for transformative initiatives.
The most recent release of Visio comes with more intuitive and quickly accessible executables for diagrams across 15 of the most popular domains as well as pre-crafted starter diagrams.

Using Office 365, you can share these Visio diagrams with everyone and communicate one version of the truth to drive organization-wide alignment.
Visio 2016 offers starter diagrams, hundreds of smart shapes, one-step data linking, Information Rights Management (IRM) for compliance and so much more. Working visually is now faster and easier than ever.

Alongside starter diagrams, Visio 2016 has also been added to Office 2016’s new Tell Me feature. Using Tell Me, users now have access to over 800 Visio commands from one easy to navigate area.

Just ask Visio how to do something and the relevant commands are displayed in a simple drop-down list. You can execute the command just by clicking one of the options listed. Now even new users can leverage the full capabilities of Visio.

Microsoft is encouraging interested parties to test drive the software prior to purchasing from here.