Microsoft reaffirms commitment in allowing retail Xbox One consoles to be used as dev kits


Microsoft reaffirms commitment in letting you turn your Xbox One console into a dev kit

Today, a report hit the net stating that Microsoft was pulling the plug in allowing a developer to turn their retail Xbox One console into a dev kit. Microsoft has issued a response to this, denying the report, and reaffirms commitment in allowing a developer to add the development kit functionality to their Xbox One console.

“The comments today were inaccurate. We remain committed to ensuring the best possible solutions for developers and hobbyists to create games for Xbox One. We will share more details at a later date,” a Microsoft representative stated.

A report from Digital Spy cited Martin Fuller, an Xbox advanced technology group boss, who stated that Microsoft was no longer planning on allowing this functionality for developers. According to Microsoft, Fuller misspoke. The Redmond giant reaffirms commitment in allowing developers to have this feature. 

Microsoft was unable to have this feature ready for the November launch of the Xbox One, but plans to eventually have it ready. Indie developers will love this feature, as it allows them to use their console as a test machine. In the past, game developers had to contact the platform holder to obtain an expensive dev kit. With developers having the ability to use their consoles as test machines, this can allow for more Indie games to hit the market.