Microsoft pushes unscheduled patch for critical Adobe Flash vulnerability

Vu Anh Nguyen

The much-bemoaned Adobe Flash has been a weak spot in Windows’ side – who has to support it for legacy compatibility’s sake. Things got serious this week when Adobe found a number of bugs that may let a hacker take control of your machine, among which one has already been reported to be exploited. Microsoft has apparently pushed out an unscheduled update to fix the issue, reports Windows Central.

Screenshot (187)
The KB3144756 update for Adobe Flash.

Any problem with Adobe Flash is a potentially big headache for Microsoft, as it is embedded in Microsoft Edge – the flagship browser for the company’s newest operating system, Windows 10 – as well as in its predecessor, Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1. As such, Microsoft is pushing out an update by themselves for these browsers. All other Windows versions will have to get the patches through the latest version of Adobe Flash, which can be manually downloaded.