Microsoft pushes Project Islandwood with new hands-on series for iOS developers

Mark Coppock

No matter how large you consider the Windows 10 Mobile app gap to be, most people would agree that the platform would benefit from a few more apps. Microsoft has its Universal Windows Apps as a long-term strategy to build out the Windows Store, and that’s slowly showing some success.

For the shorter term, Microsoft also created the Windows Bridge for iOS, also known and Project Islandwood. The company announced a new series to help developers start the process of porting their iOS apps to the Universal Windows Platform, and they posted the first set of instructions this afternoon.

It’s good reading for iOS developers, essentially laying out the initial development steps along with the various system requirements (a Windows 10 PC along with a Mac running OS X 10.11 and Xcode 7). Nothing too egregious, we don’t think, and so we’re looking forward to seeing iOS developers starting porting those apps over.