Microsoft promoting Bing Maps to Lumia users

Sean Cameron

Bing Maps

Microsoft is now promoting its Bing Maps service to Lumia users alongside the existing Here Maps service provided by Nokia following this year’s purchase of their Services and Devices division by Redmond.

In a blog post titled ‘Seven Secrets of Bing Maps on Lumia’, on Lumia Conversations, Microsoft explains the strengths of their Bing Maps service to Lumia users, which include downloadable maps for offline access (very useful for travel in rural locations). In addition to this, these services include mapped WiFi hotspots and the ability to save favorite locations for quick future access.

Users also have the ability to choose which turn-by-turn voice navigation service they wish to use, should they wish to opt for a service other than the bundled Here Drive +, such as CoPilot GPS.

With Microsoft making further improvements to their mapping service recently, it increasingly seems that the firm are keen to improve the presence of their mapping service globally, especially as Nokia begins to focus development of its services on both iOS and Android.