Microsoft PowerToys could be getting a handy feature to help find your mouse pointer location

Arif Bacchus


If you have a multi-monitor setup or a high-resolution display, you might know the struggle of losing your mouse location on the screen. There’s a trick in Windows’ Mouse Pointers options that can help you find the pointer when clicking the CTRL Key, but Microsoft could soon integrate this function directly into PowerToys to help make your life easier.

As seen in the clip above from Clint Rutkas, who heads the PowerToys Team, it looks as though PowerToys might be taking the old hit CTRL to find the mouse trick to a new level.  In the clip, you can see a larger (and white) radar appear over the mouse pointer, presumably when the CTRL key is pressed. Rutkas says that similar to the existing feature, it’s a double control key to find the pointer. He also noted that it’s a “night and day difference experience,” over the old integrated function in Windows.

(For now, to turn on the functionality in Windows 10 or 11, Open Settings>Bluetooth & devices>Mouse>Additional mouse settings. This will open the old style “Mouse Properties.” From there, go to the Pointer Options tab and make sure “Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key” is checked. After that, just pressing the CTRL key will open a circle around your mouse.)

This would be yet another useful addition to PowerToys. Just to name a few, there’s already the Awake feature which can keep your computer awake, the Color Picker to choose colors, FancyZones which is a window manager, and the Image Resizer. We’re not sure of a release date yet for the new mouse pinter tracking, but we hope it’s coming soon.