Microsoft PowerToys version 0.56.1 arrives with some key improvements

Kevin Okemwa


Earlier last month, Microsoft PowerToys version 0.55.1 was released. but to end February, the 0.56.1 version of the app is now out with some new advancements, as spotted by Neowin.

For people with ARM-based Windows PCs, the big change is that the app is now closer to a full native ARM64 compatibility, though still not fully ready yet. The new version will also allow users to review the changelog whenever they get on the app as it now comes with a full What’s New page.

As for the work with ARM64 under the hood, the release notes also indicate that they have done away with the last .NET Framework dependency. Here are some of the main advancements that you should expect.

  • FancyZones zone limit has been increased to 128 zones. Before the limit was 40.
  • Timezone conversion plugin for PowerToys Run
  • Child and Popup window support for FancyZones. To enable, go to Settings→FancyZones→Windows.
  • Find my mouse will now activate via shaking the mouse with a settings change!

This is a significant update that comes with a handful of advancements made on some of the key features such as the color picker, image resizer, fancyzones, PowerToys run. You can head on over to the Github page as they provide a detailed account of these advancements. Be sure to download this new Powertoys version on either Github or Microsoft Store to utilize the new features today.