Microsoft pledges to match Microsoft Rewards Points donated to UNICEF

Robert Collins

From now through the end of April, Microsoft will match all donations of Microsoft Rewards Points, meaning that all donations will be effectively doubled through that time.

If you haven’t heard of the Microsoft Rewards scheme, it is basically a program – in which anyone (with a Microsoft Account) can participate – that rewards users with redeemable points for doing things like playing games from the Game Pass library, renting or purchasing movies and TV shows from the Microsoft Store, searching with Bing, and doing things like quizzes, polls and surveys. participants can also earn points just for buying games and downloading apps.

Anyone with a Microsoft account can sign up for the program. Rewards can be redeemed, gifted to friends and family, or donated. At present there is a button in the Microsoft Rewards app that allows users to redeem or donate points.

The move to match all donations of rewards points is Microsoft’s latest effort in showing support for Ukraine in the ongoing conflict between it and Russia. The company recently joined Epic Games in donating all proceeds from sales of the massively popular game Fortnite, as well as all proceeds from all Fortnite-related sales.