Microsoft planning public beta of new Xbox 360 dashboard


Microsoft is working on launching a public beta of the new Xbox 360’s dashboard update, which is slated for release sometime around November 25th. Microsoft, which doesn’t surprise many, “accidentally” rolled out the beta earlier today, only to remove it claiming it was an accident.

Xbox 360 dashboard

Earlier this morning, Microsoft posted that it was accepting new users into the Xbox Live beta program. Fast forward a few hours later on Microsoft Connect, the company issued a short statement stating that, “at this time we are not currently accepting registrations for the public preview program.. stay tuned for future updates when the registration process begins.” When asked about the update that went live “accidentally”, Microsoft replied by saying, “unfortunately we don’t have any details to share at this time.” Yeah, figures.

A recent Xbox 360 development kit recovery was leaked onto the web, the recovery contains the brand new Xbox 360 dashboard which is set to launch soon.

The new dashboard will obviously have a redesigned dashboard but also Bing search functionality and new content from media partners including the BBC and Lovefilm.

During a demonstration at Gamescom back in August, Microsoft outlined the company’s vision towards bringing together voice control and content in the upcoming Xbox 360 software update. The name for the new dashboard? Twist Control! “Hopefully the new dash will show this service proposition goes beyond gaming. We’ll never lose our focus on that gaming audience. In fact, developing the investment infrastructure to develop programs like cloud storage and Facebook posting and the beacons, are three examples of continuing to invest in that space,” Microsoft stated.