Microsoft Planner adds new Copy Plan feature

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Planner, the company’s alternative to Trello, now allows users to save some time by copying existing plans. Planner previously gained the ability to copy tasks to other plans last year, but duplicating entire plans will help teams looking to start with a clean state to do that without having to recreate an existing structure from scratch.

To copy an existing Plan, you’ll need to click the “…” menu in the Planner Hub or when you’re already in a plan. Be aware that some elements of a plan such as description, attachments members, and assignments won’t be copied to the new plan.

“Up next for us, we plan to add copy plan to our Microsoft Teams experience, as well as support copying a plan within the same Office 365 group,” the company explained today. The Planner team is listening to user feedback, and you can tell them how they can improve the task manager app on the dedicated Uservoice website.