Does Microsoft have a ‘Plan B’ if Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue) fails?



Microsoft is hoping that Windows Blue (8.1) will be the almighty successor to Windows 8, but if that fails, Microsoft could already have a backup plan!

Microsoft is on edge at the moment. Many are not happy with the issues they are facing with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. Luckily, Microsoft has resorted to a newer release cycle, making the next release of Windows less than a year after the issue of Windows 8. Windows Blue (8.1) is expected to be released this summer as an update to fix all of the issues in Windows 8, and to make it even more tablet friendly (Sorry, they will not be adding the start menu).

Some add-ons expected in this new version are: An easier-to-customize Start Screen, Internet Explorer 11, newer apps, Slide-To-Shutdown, more Personalization Options, Modern File Manager, and better Battery life. There are so many more I can’t even begin to list them. But…what if that’s not what the people want…and it does nothing to relieve the tension lingering within Windows 8 users and Microsoft?

According to rumors, Microsoft will delay the release of Windows 9, which is currently being worked on alongside Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.2 will be developed as a last resort to save themselves. When Windows Vista was released, the reception was very critical of the way it worked on certain machines and its reliability. Three years later, Windows 7 was released and has been successful ever since, so there is no doubt that if, according to Microsoft, 6.0 (Windows Vista) to 6.1 (Windows 7) worked, then 6.2 (Windows 8) to 6.3 (Windows Blue/8.1) should work, but if not they will go on with a second update.

As this is new info, take this as a grain of salt, as Windows Blue hasn’t even been released yet!