Microsoft patents reveal new Windows 8 tablet gestures


Microsoft has filed for several new patents that hint at the company’s plans for Windows 8. More specifically, the patents reveal Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet pen and touch gestures. These gestures hint at photo editing abilities using touch/pen inputs.

From what winrumors is reporting, the patents that were filed reveal the company’s plans for picture releated gestures. The gestures allow for tablet users to make use of touch and pen based inputs.

Here is a rundown of the gestures:

Copy gesture – allows for images and data to be copied simply by tapping on the object to select it and then dragging it with a stylus or pen to the left of the object.

Staple gesture – allows tablet users to group objects together into stacks. “The staple gesture may also be repeated to add additional objects to the collated display of a stapled group of objects, further collate groups of already collated objects, and so on,” according to Microsoft.

Cut gesture – this allows for objects to be cut simply by cutting across them by using the gesture.

Punch-Out gesture – this gesture allows tablet users to manipulate an object and punch a section out of it.

Rip gesture – this allows for objects to be separated into two different objects using two fingers and pulling in two different directions.

Edge gesture – this allows for a tablet user to create a straight line from objects. Just think of a ruler.

Stamp gesture – users can create rubber stamps of existing objects and reuse them as a copied item.

Brush gesture – just like in Photoshop, this gesture allows you to remove a portion of an object and makes a copy of it.

These gestures that appear in the patents are all photo-related, so it shows that Windows 8 will have some better-than-basic photo-editing abilities. The video below demonstrates similar gestures that used on Microsoft Surface: