Microsoft patents automated callback reminder feature for those inconvenient phone calls


Microsoft patents automated callback reminder feature for those inconvenient phone calls

Imagine this scenario — you are an important businessman in a meeting, attending a show or sporting event, or driving a car and you wish not to be interrupted by a phone call. But you have no control over who calls you at the most inconvenient times, unless you turn your phone off. 

If the phone rings during the worst time, and you choose not to answer a call, it can sometimes be difficult to remember to return the call if you are pre-occupied with important activities. Microsoft understands that when the time comes up to return the call, it may not always be convenient to access the relevant phone number.

You may need to click on the phone icon and manually browse through your incoming call list to find the caller and phone number to call back. As simple as this may seem, Microsoft believes this is a bit tedious and can be improved.

Automated callback reminder

Microsoft has been granted a patent by the USPTO for a feature that will display an option on your Windows Phone device allowing you to create a link between the call and your calendar/scheduling app. If you select the option, a callback task is automatically added to your task list maintained by the calendar app, reminding you to make the callback as soon as you can. It will even remind you at a future time. The reminder will include all the information you will need to see, as well as a one-click call button that lets you instantly place the call.

“The user can stay organized and keep current with voice communications with a few clicks without having to manually look through call records to find needed information. In addition, the ability of the call reminder application to automatically interface with others of the user’s applications running on the communications device advantageously ensures that the user experience is seamless and the generated tasks and reminders are consistent with the user’s schedule,” the patent filing states.

Microsoft patents automated callback reminder feature for those inconvenient phone calls

Windows Phone already has a feature that allows you to send text replies to callers, in lieu of answering the call. However, imagine having a feature that lets you skip the call and place a reminder in your calendar to call the person back. Within a certain amount of time, a reminder will pop up asking you if you would like to call that person back with the simple press of a button. Now imagine Cortana integration — having Cortana remind you to return the call at the click of a button.

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that this feature will ever make it into a future version of Windows Phone (or Windows 10 for phones), even though a feature like this would appease business consumers. This is merely an idea that Microsoft has patented. The company filed for this patent back in 2010 and was given the patent in October of 2014. Perhaps we will see this neat little feature in the near future — I would definitely use it.