Microsoft partners with USC on green approach to AI

Arif Bacchus

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Microsoft today announced an expansion of their AI for Earth initiative by partnering with the University of Southern California Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society (USC.) With the partnership, Microsoft is aiming to help AI researchers translate their work into applications others can use and also “foster the work through an annual workshop.”

The two have already collaborated on several environmental AI projects, including using game theory and machine learning AI to help improve wildlife conservation and prevent poaching before it happens. With the new partnership, the two hope to include many more organizations and topics, and also “provide an opportunity for direct collaborations between environmental and AI researchers and practitioners.”

Work under the partnership is expected to start immediately, and summer fellowships are now open through January 22. Interested and qualifying applicants who are a  PhD student or junior researcher can apply to the program here. Microsoft will also support a post-doctoral research position, starting Spring/Summer 2018, to focus on AI in conservation. You can apply for that here.