Microsoft partners with BrowserStack to provide free Edge testing for developers

Arif Bacchus

microsoft, edge windows 10 isos

Today Microsoft announced that they are partnering with the mobile and web testing leader BrowserStack to provide free Edge testing for developers. The partnership means that developers who need to test against a specific version of Microsoft Edge will no longer be limited to local virtual machines, or PCs with Windows 10 installed.

According to Microsoft, Web developers can test Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (EdgeHTML 14) starting today. EdgeHTML 15, meanwhile, will be available in the Windows 10 Creators Update starting on April 11, 2017, and will come to BrowserStack in the following weeks. Under the partnership, Microsoft will offer BrowserStack’s Automate testing service for free, which will allow developers to run up to 10 Microsoft Edge test sessions via script, which can then integrate with local test runners via the standardized WebDriver AP.  The company explains:

Today, we are excited to partner with BrowserStack, which provides the industry’s fastest testing on physical devices and browsers, so that you can focus on delivering customers the best version of your product or website. BrowserStack is trusted by developers at over 36,000 companies, including Microsoft, to help make the testing process faster and more accessible. Under this new partnership, developers will be able to sign into BrowserStack and test Microsoft Edge using their Live and Automate services for free. To ensure you can test against all possible versions of Microsoft Edge that your users may be using, BrowserStack will be providing three versions of Microsoft Edge for testing: the two most recent “Stable” channel releases, and the most recent “Preview” release

BrowserStack currently serves companies such as Microsoft, AirBnB, and MasterCard. In addition to Microsoft Edge, the service provides more than 1100 combinations of operating systems and browsers. BrowserStack is also trusted by over 1.6 million developers relying upon the service as it provides the fastest and most accurate testing on physical devices. You can learn more about Browser Stack by heading here to sign up and get started.