Microsoft Outlook app updates on iOS and Android with extra dark mode and S Pen options

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Outlook dark mode icon

The official Microsoft Outlook app updated today for both iOS and Android smart devices.

The iOS update brought the app to Version 4.5.0 and added full support for the native iOS 13 dark mode settings which means that those who have selected dark mode as their preferred aesthetic will now see it in the Outlook app automatically without having to manually change it. Note that anyone can disable the dark mode from within the Outlook app’s settings.

Here’s the full release notes for the iOS update:

Dark mode at sunset, light mode at sunrise. Our app now responds to the iOS 13 dark mode so your eyes can rest easy day or night. Change this in our app Settings under Preferences.

The Android Outlook update brought the app to Version 4.0.23 and added extra functionality for those who use an S Pen with their Samsung Note device. Now, users will be able to use the S Pen to hover over links for quick actions or to see previews of content.

Here’s the full release notes for the Android update:

Using Outlook on a Samsung Note device? You can now use your S Pen to hover over Mails, Attachments, Events or People to take a sneak peek and perform quick actions.

Do you use Outlook on your smartphone or tablet? Are you a fan of dark mode? Let us know in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest for more Microsoft app content.

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