Microsoft opens two new Azure regions in South Korea

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has just announced that its Azure cloud computing platform is now available from two new regions in South Korea. Following these latest investments, the technology giant now has 13 Azure regions in the Asian continent and 38 regions worldwide, “more than any other major cloud provider,” claimed the company.

You can see a map of all of Microsoft’s Azure regions below, including four additional regions that are coming soon in the US and France:

Microsoft Azure regions
Microsoft has announced 38 Azure regions across the globe.

“The new Azure regions, located in Seoul and Busan, deliver world-class reliability and performance combined with local data residency,” explained the company. “This includes replication of data in multiple regions across Korea, giving customers reliable data protection for business continuity in both pure cloud and hybrid scenarios.”

According to Microsoft Korea CEO Al Koh, the new Azure regions are already driving adoption of the Microsoft Cloud in the area. “Hundreds of organizations have signed up to use these new Azure regions to gain access to a comprehensive and complete set of cloud services to empower their digital transformation and accelerate local innovation,” he explained.

A recent survey from RightScale highlighted that Azure is slowly but surely gaining ground on market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to the data collected last month from 1,002 IT professionals, overall Azure adoption grew from 20 to 34% of respondents year-over-year while AWS adoption stayed flat at 57% of respondents during the same period.