Microsoft opens first 100% carbon free energy datacenter region in Sweden

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft Datacenters Cropped

Microsoft took the wraps off its latest sustainable datacenters in the Sweden region and it marks the first “100% carbon-free energy” with support for zero-waste operations in the company’s portfolio.

The new datacenters have a presence across Gävle, Sandviken and Staffanstorp and are now open to customers looking to leverage Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 solutions while also expanding the company’s investment in the area to the tune of $1.6 million and over 20 partnerships with local organizations.

According to a press release from Microsoft:

Microsoft’s Sweden datacenter region is committed to cutting carbon emissions, achieving zero waste certification, and running on 100% carbon-free energy. Microsoft’s Sweden datacenter region will be powered by 100% carbon-free energy with 24/7 hourly energy matching with partner Vattenfall. To support its operations, Microsoft has signed agreements for new renewable energy projects with bpEnlight Renewable EnergyEuropean EnergyNTRPrime Capital and wpd. In addition, Sweden is Microsoft’s first datacenter region whose backup generators will run on Preem Evolution Diesel Plus, the world’s first Nordic Eco-labeled fuel, which contains at least 50% renewable raw material, and nearly an equivalent reduction in net carbon dioxide emissions compared with standard fossil diesel blends.

Microsoft’s Sweden data center announcement follows a string of data center investments the company has placed across various international regions as of late.

In February alone Microsoft announced datacenters in new areas in Spain, Poland, New Zealand, China and domestically in Arizona.

However, as mentioned, Sweden marks the first 100% carbon-free energy effort from day-one while Microsoft would like to have the others reach similar echo-friendly goals withing the next decade or so.