Microsoft opens Early Access Program for ChatGPT-inspired ‘Security Copilot AI Assistant’

Priya Walia

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Microsoft has launched the Early Access Program for their Security Copilot. The program is now open to qualified customers, introducing a host of critical new capabilities that promise to reshape the cybersecurity landscape.

Embedded within the highly acclaimed Microsoft 365 Defender XDR platform, the new Security Copilot experience is designed to provide analysts with actionable recommendations directly within a unified interface.

Resembling ChatGPT, the AI assistant responds to security inquiries from defenders, continuously learning and adjusting based on its interactions to customize suggestions for each specific enterprise setting. It offers a range of capabilities, including immediate incident overviews, swift guided interventions, simplified natural language inquiries, and live analysis of malware threats.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this development is the ability for organizations collaborating with Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to extend access to their Security Copilot environment, facilitating collaborative efforts in a program called “Bring Your Own—MSSP.”

Initially unveiled in March 2023, Microsoft Security Copilot stands as the first generative AI security product capable of safeguarding organizations at machine speed and scale.

The AI assistant leverages the latest advancements in large language models, coupled with Microsoft’s extensive security expertise and global threat intelligence, enabling security teams to outmaneuver cyber adversaries effectively.

According to early feedback, Security Copilot has already enabled preview customers to streamline core security operations, saving up to 40 percent of their time. Its capabilities include simplifying complex queries based solely on natural language questions and providing concise summaries of security incidents.

The embedded experience offers incident summaries with a single click, guided response to threats at machine speed, natural language queries for streamlined hunting, real-time malware analysis, and instant access to comprehensive threat intelligence.

“We liked that Security Copilot was easy to set up, offered a dedicated tenant to protect the privacy of prompts, and gave ready access to our enabled Microsoft security products, allowing us to enrich investigations with data from those products, all in one place,” shared Chris Weissert, Director of IT Security at Fidelity National Financial.

The announcement also brings forth the inclusion of Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence at no additional cost, empowering Security Copilot users with invaluable insights into the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.