Microsoft opens an “AI Business School”

Kareem Anderson

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Microsoft appears to be full steam ahead with its push into artificial intelligence as its launches its first business school focused on AI strategies, culture and responsibility according to a new announcement from the company.

As of today, Mitra Azizirad, corporate vice president for AI marketing at Microsoft and a group of dedicated AI professionals at the company are launching Microsoft’s AI Business School.

The MAB is a free online master class series designed to both empower business leaders in the age of AI while also teaching traints that should help executives skillfully navigate decisions of needs versus wants when it comes to deploying artificial intelligence within in a company.

“There is a gap between what people want to do and the reality of what is going on in their organizations today, and the reality of whether their organization is ready,”

As for the nitty-gritty of the school, participants will receive brief written case studies and guides, video lectures, perspectives and talks that can be easily accessed at convenience.

More specifically, participants will have access to a series of short introductory videos which should help to provide an overview and context of AI technologies that are driving changes in business; with the bulk of the school’s content focusing on how to address the strategies, culture and responsibility associated with AI at a corporate level.

MAB isn’t Microsoft’s first foray into the socialization of AI, but its establishment offers a non-technical compliment to the company’s other efforts such as the developer-centric AI School and the less title catchy Microsoft Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence for job-ready employees needing to bolster their resumes with real-world experience.

While there appears to be no official certifications, ultimately MAB is designed to help executives and other corporate influencers prepare themselves and their organizations for an AI transformation.