Bring back some memories as Windows 3D Movie Maker has now been opened sourced

Kevin Okemwa

Windows 3D Movie Maker

The Windows 3D Movie Maker app launched by Microsoft in 1995 was designed to help users equip themselves with the basics of 3D animation. And now, it seems that the app will be making its way back, as Microsoft has open-sourced it as requested by Foone on Twitter. (via Neowin)

However, Microsoft has come out to indicate that the application may not perform well on modern hardware and software. As such, developers will have to find a workaround that will allow them to use it in Windows 10 or Windows 11.

According to the report by Neowin:

Windows 3D Movie Maker lets you place 40 different characters in pre-rendered scenes, assign them various actions, add objects and audio effects, and even record custom voice-overs using a microphone. The result will be a 1995-looking 3D movie with 6 FPS.

At the very least, with the help of third-party applications users should be able to maintain Microsoft’s legacy and be able to get the application to run in Windows 11. It is already available for download on GitHub.