Microsoft OneNote offers up a chance to win a Surface tablet for the college bound

Kareem Anderson

Over the past few years, we’ve been covering what seems like a resurgence in Microsoft’s push to offer new and evolved software and hardware solutions for education. Most of the news surrounding the company’s push has dealt with formative education to children and youth, typically in grade school.

However, Microsoft’s educational services scale just as well when used at the college level. In partnership with the largest listing site for experimental opportunities in TeenLife, Microsoft’s OneNote team will be offering students a chance to broaden their horizon beyond the high school classroom.

On January 31, 2016, students will be able to engage in a live online fair that includes 12 speakers, 30 plus exhibits and exhibitors, STEM, gap-year experiences, and community services geared toward college prep and application.

The TeenLife LIVE virtual event will feature 12 thoughtful leaders speaking about a number of relevant topics, including STEM and coding resources for students provided by Microsoft, featuring guest speaker David Renton, curriculum and quality leader for Computing-Kinect for Windows MVP. David will talk about coding, why it’s important and what students can do now to start to gain coding skills outside of the classroom.”

Also, one lucky TeenLife Live attendee can walk away from the event one Microsoft Surface tablet richer. To be eligible for a new Microsoft Surface tablet, TeenLife LIVE attendees need to download the College Prep template found in OneNote from a TeenLife LIVE Collection located at in conjunction with attending Sunday’s January 31, 2016, event. Download of the prep template needs to be done before February 29, 2016.


Further details include:

  1. Register and attend TeenLife LIVE, a free, online, outside-of-the-classroom opportunity fair for teens on Sunday, January 31, 2016, from noon to 6 p.m. (ET).

During TeenLife LIVE, parents, teens, and educators will be able to ask questions in real-time to more than 30 experts and exhibitors from a variety of experiential learning programs and opportunities. You can register to attend here.

  1. Download and email the College Prep template in OneNote.

With the newly launched ability to publish and download OneNote notebooks from (see the announcement Journal), you can now download the College Prep template to help guide and organize all your college planning using OneNote. You can think of OneNote as a digital workspace for everything in your life—accessible from any device. All you need is a personal Microsoft account or an Office 365 Organization ID, and you can easily copy this notebook to your Microsoft account. Once you’ve downloaded (copied) this notebook to your OneDrive account, you can access or edit the same College Prep notebook from any browser, PC, Mac, tablet, and almost all mobile devices.

Once downloaded, email the template to [email protected] to enter for a chance to win the Microsoft Surface tablet.

Leveraging another Microsoft-related utility, event presenters have posted a Sway to cover and examine topics including STEM, coding resources, college prep, space camp, internships and other educational ventures. Use of the web-enabled presentation software, Sway, is yet another demonstration of teachers and faculty using modern resources to revitalize education, thanks in part to Microsoft.

Visit the TeenLife website for more info and a full list of presenters for the event this weekend.