Microsoft OneDrive app updates on iOS and Android devices with UI design improvements

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft OneDrive app icon.

The official OneDrive app updated for both Android and iOS users today with a variety of changes to each version’s appearance and functionality. These updates also squashed several bugs, most notably the one in the iOS app that was hiding days within the Expiring Links date picker.

Here’s the full release notes for the iOS update:

Our files icon in the tab bar was a bit blurry. This has been fixed and we are now seeing 20-20.

For business users, the Discover view has a new home in the left drawer between Offline Files and Recycle Bin.

We fixed an issue with the Expiring Links date picker where you couldn’t actually see the days. Even though the days of the week can sometimes blur together, we think picking a date is still important. Our premium users can once again select a custom expiration date for their sharing links.

Here’s the full release notes for the OneDrive app update on Android:

We’re improving the layout of file list and tile views so your content looks more gorgeous & consistent across all your devices. Searching for files in business and school accounts just got faster and better (sorry if that made it easier to find all your homework assignments!).

And as always, we’ve squashed minor bugs, and made performance & reliability improvements across the entire app. If you run into any issues, please shake your device and tap “Report a Problem”.

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