Microsoft officially ending support for SharePoint Online managed code sandboxes

Laurent Giret

Last week, Microsoft announced that it has taken the last steps to remove support for code-based sandbox solutions in SharePoint Online (via Redmond Mag). The company first announced that it would deprecate support for SharePoint Online managed code sandboxes more than two years ago, and customers were then invited to move to pure client-side development or the new Sharepoint add-ins, which are self-contained extensions of SharePoint websites that run without custom code on the SharePoint server.

Here’s what to expect next if you’re still using code-based sandbox solutions with SharePoint:

  • As part of the removal process, activation of new code-based sandbox solutions, as well as updates of existing solutions are no longer available.
  • In the coming weeks, running code-based sandbox solutions in SharePoint Online multi-tenant environments also will be disabled. Customers with these solutions should watch the Message Center and Service Health Dashboard (SHD) for details, timelines, and exception processes.

For now, the company says that it has no plans to remove support for declarative (no-code) sandboxed solutions and that it remains committed to “support a portfolio of methods to deliver all manner of business applications and customizations in SharePoint Online.” Additionally, Microsoft’s Product and Customer Support teams will offer guidance to customers which have to move away from their legacy solution, the blog post explained.