Microsoft Office 2007 extended support date pushed to October 2012


Great news for those still running Microsoft Office 2007. Microsoft has extended the end of life support for Office 2007 from October 9th of this year to October 10th of 2017. In other words, Office 2007 will reach paid support beginning October 9th.

Ending mainstream support basically means that there will be no free support for Office 2007. Instead, Office 2007 will enter Extended Support starting October 9th and is limited to free security patches. Those who want other types of updates as well as support from Microsoft will be required to pay a fee. “Based on our support policies, we moved the EOL (end of life) support dates for the Microsoft Office Division 2007 editions forward to October to give 2 full years of mainstream support after the launch of the 2010 products,” Microsoft stated. Although the Extended support date was given a few more months, Microsoft urges users to upgrade to Office 2010 rather than running Office 2007.