Microsoft offers up to $200 discounts on its new ARM-powered Surface Pro X

Jonny Caldwell

Surface Pro X

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X, the new ultra-thin LTE-capable tablet powered by the company’s custom ARM-based SQ1 chipset, is on sale right now. The device now starts at $899 during the sale period, and the 8GB RAM / 256 GB SSD and higher options are $200 off each.

The Surface Pro X is rather unique given its slimmer design and larger screen-to-body ratio, as well as enhanced battery life thanks to its custom-build Microsoft SQ1 processor based off of the Snapdragon 8cx from Qualcomm. Our own Arif Bacchus rated the found the device rather unfavorable in his review, although those willing to live with the limitations that come with Windows on ARM might find it to be a better alternative to something like the iPad Pro (especially if the workflow requires a keyboard and mouse).

The device also works best with the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard and Slim Pen, which can be bundled together for an extra $270 if the extra savings gives you enough incentive to do so.

Do you think the extra $200 in savings helps justify the limitations of Windows 10 on ARM? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.