Microsoft offers new remedies in bid to win over EU regulators for Activision Blizzard deal

Robert Collins

Reuters has reported that Microsoft is offering new remedies to appease the European Commission in regards to its proposed merger with Activision Blizzard. The exact details of what Microsoft is offering was not disclosed by either Microsoft or the European Commission, however.

Earlier this week Microsoft formally struck deals with two smaller cloud gaming platforms—Boosteroid and Ubitus—to bring Call of Duty and other Xbox titles to those platforms for the next 10 years, similar to the deals previously arranged with Nintendo and Nvidia. Likely this new concession package includes similar deals with other parties. According to an unnamed Microsoft spokesperson,

We have stood behind our promise to bring Call of Duty to more gamers on more devices by entering into agreements to bring the game to the Nintendo console and cloud game streaming services offered by Nvidia, Boosteroid, and Ubitus. We are now backing up that promise with binding commitments to the European Commission, which will ensure that this deal benefits gamers into the future.

The European Commission will now seek feedback from competitors as well as the public. It has pushed back its provisional deadline from April 25 to May 22.

Via Barron’s.