Microsoft now offers free repairs for Surface Laptop 3 devices affected by screen cracking issue

Laurent Giret

A couple of months ago, Microsoft said that it was investigating cases of cracked Surface Laptop 3 screens. In an update posted on the Surface support site yesterday spotted by ZDNet, the company finally gave an explanation for these mysterious screen cracks, adding that it’s only affecting a very limited number of customers.

“We have investigated claims of screen cracking on Surface Laptop 3 and have determined that, in a very small percentage of cases, a hard foreign particle may cause a hairline fracture in the glass that may seem to appear unexpectedly or without visible cause,” the company explained. If you’ve been affected by this issue, the company will now repair your Surface Laptop 3 screen for free, and Microsoft will also offer refunds to customers who already paid to repair affected screens.

“If you believe your Surface Laptop 3 is experiencing this issue, you are encouraged to contact our Microsoft Support to initiate a repair free of charge during the warranty period of the device. If you have previously paid Microsoft for a Surface Laptop 3 repair that you believe experienced this issue, please contact Microsoft Support to learn about reimbursement,” the company said.