Microsoft not too excited about possible Nokia Android smartphone

Zac Bowden

Nokia X

It’s widely known now that Nokia is rumored to be making an Android-based smartphone for release rather soon. What’s interesting about this idea is that Nokia is mostly known for their Windows Phone partnership, and as Nokia are one of Windows Phone’s biggest manufacturers it makes little sense to make an Android smartphone.

Of course, it’s also widely known that Microsoft is currently in the process of acquiring Nokia, which means everything coming from Nokia when the deal closes will be strictly Windows related, or at the very least that is what makes the most sense. Today, Joe Belfiore commented on the possibility of an Android-based smartphone from Nokia, saying that whilst Nokia may be planning to do some exiting things, there are some things they are ‘less’ excited about.

We have a great relationship with Nokia. They’ve built great products. We haven’t complete our acquisition. They may do some things we’re excited about. Other things we are LESS excited. But whatever they do we are very supportive of the partnership

Microsoft, whilst they claim to be supportive of the idea, are probably not going to be backing the idea of an Android based smartphone anytime soon. If Nokia do release a smartphone with Android, it’s highly likely that Microsoft will put it to sleep soon after the Microsoft-Nokia acquisition deal closes.

What are your thoughts on this Nokia based smartphone? Do you think it’s a good idea, or are Nokia trying their last-minute luck before being overridden by Microsoft? Sound off in the comments section below!