Microsoft News team reveals the most-read stories in August

Kareem Anderson

Thanks to the speed at which the internet traffics news, many of us miss might miss out the more nuanced stories in a given time period. Fortunately, Microsoft’s took the time to gather and report back The Most-Read Stores on its MSN site as it looks to put a nice bow on the month that was August 2018.

For those of you who may have missed out or had your attention drawn elsewhere, here are the top five most-read stores for the month of August on MSN:

Mollie Tibbets, missing Iowa student, found dead, sources say

Partner: Fox News | Publish date: 8/21

Twenty-year-old college student Mollie Tibbets captured the nation’s attention when she disappeared in July while jogging in Brooklyn, Iowa. Microsoft News editors kept readers up-to-date on the case throughout July and August as her loved ones and the police searched for her. On Tuesday, August 21st, Fox News reported that Mollie Tibbets was found dead in Iowa, bringing an end to an intensive search that last more than a month and captured national headlines. This tragic story was the most-read article on MSN during the month of August. Additional stories related to the investigation, such as the cause of death (Associated Press) and the key that finally allowed investigators to find Mollie Tibbets’ body and suspect Cristhian Bahena Rivera (CNN), were also among the most popular news stories during the month.

Police officer jumps off overpass to save boy’s life in daring New York rescue

Partner: USA Today | Publish date: 8/7

When police officer Jessie Ferreira Cavallo saw a 12-year-old boy jump from an overpass, she grabbed her first-aid kit and jumped after the boy. The boy, who went to the hospital with some broken bones and leg injuries, is expected to survive. Ferreira has received multiple awards for saving lives during her 7-year career.

Boats’ Disappearance in Bermuda Triangle Explained By New Theory

Partner: IBT | Publish date: 8/2

British scientists have a new theory as to why so many boats have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle over the past 100 years. They believe the mystery can be explained by natural phenomenon known as “rogue waves,” which only last for a few minutes and can reach nearly 100 feet. At least 1,000 lives have been lost in the region within the last 100 years.

Simone Biles Wears Teal Leotard for Larry Nassar Survivors

Partner: Sports Illustrated | Publish date: 8/20

Simone Biles made history in August by being the only woman to ever win five national all-around titles in the U.S. Gymnastics Championships. While the focus was on her win, Biles sent an important message by wearing a teal leotard, which is the color of sexual assault awareness. Biles is one of the hundreds of athletes who have come forward as survivors of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse.

‘Teeth-chattering’ winter with plenty of snow, Farmers’ Almanac predicts

Partner: USA Today | Publish date: 8/29

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, most Americans will be facing a brutal winter. Above-average snowfall is predicted for the Great Lakes, Midwest, New England and Pacific Northwest, with stormy conditions hanging around through the official start of spring.

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