Microsoft needs a gaming developer for an ‘established and well-loved’ strategy series


Microsoft needs a gaming developer for a 'well-loved' strategy series

Microsoft is on the hunt for a gaming developer, as evident from a recent job posting on Microsoft’s Careers website. The details are scarce, but one thing is for certain. Microsoft Studios is looking for a highly experienced senior games developer to help build and lead the team for a new title within an “established and well-loved” strategy game franchise.

What could that strategy game franchise be? Is Microsoft referring to Age of Empires or Halo Wars? No one knows but the hints are there. Both these franchises are well-loved and established, so it would make sense. Additional details regarding what project the developer would be working on when hired were not provided.

Age of Empires is a real-time strategy series and was given an HD remake last year on PC with the release of Age of Empires II. Microsoft even released Age of Empires Online, which was a hybrid real-time strategy game and massively-multiplayer online game. Then you have the Halo strategy game called Halo Wars. Perhaps Microsoft is working a sequel to this game?

E3 is nearly upon us and perhaps we will have an idea of what Microsoft has in store for all of us!