Microsoft (MSFT) news recap: UK investment, new Microsoft UK CEO, all-new Insider MVP Program and more

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Microsoft (MSFT) news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

This week has been an action-packed one, with multiple changes in Microsoft’s management teams, the announcement of the new Windows Insider MVP Program, Satya Nadella weighing in on the Brexit debate, information on a Surface All-in-One device and so much more. Let’s get right into it.

Microsoft UK appoints a new CEO, while Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group gets a new CVP

The UK arm of Microsoft, Microsoft UK, has announced that it has appointed a new CEO, who happens to come from a mobile background, being the ex-Managing Director of Vodafone UK, one of the UKs largest mobile networks. Meet Cindy Rose. She’ll be heading up Microsoft UK from November 1st, 2016, replacing current CEO, Michel Van Der Bel. Could this be the mobile push that people have been waiting for?

While we’re on the topic of staff changes, Microsoft has announced a new Corporate Vice President (CVP) for its Worldwide Partner Group. Gavriella Schuster will be leaving her position as General Manager at WPG, after two decades of being in the role – but she’ll be moving to the CVP position.

All-new Windows Insider MVP Program gets an official announcement

As Microsoft moves to make the Microsoft MVP Program exclusive to IT Professionals, it has created a new category – Windows Insider MVPs – who will be part of the consumer-focused MVP program, supporting devices such as Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox. In the near future, Windows Insider’s will be picked to join the program, if they meet certain criteria to be picked.

Satya Nadella weighs in on the Brexit result; confirms Microsoft will continue to invest in the UK

Following the week of the United Kingdom’s referendum on its European Union membership, Satya Nadella has reaffirmed Microsoft’s commitment to the UK, regardless of the country leaving the EU. He explains that the company will continue to invest there and that no job losses will occur as a result.

Also, Satya is hitting refresh in his upcoming book, “Hit Refresh”

As Microsoft have ‘hit refresh’ on a lot of its products recently, it only seems fitting that the CEO of the company does the same, right?

Satya Nadella is currently writing his own book, Hit Refresh, that will explain change and is aimed at Microsoft employees, customers, and partners, to help them find their own path.

The Surface All-in-One could be a reality

Developments on Microsoft’s Surface line of devices continue to arise, with there now being a strong possibility of a Surface All-in-One making its way to living rooms around the world after sources claim Microsoft is working on a new AIO device.

Finalists in the Continuum App Contest get their share of attention

Those in the final of the Continuum App Contest have had their apps highlighted by Microsoft, showing off the great apps that developers are building.

Microsoft Word Mobile and OneDrive are in the top 10 fastest-growing apps on Android

Kudos to Microsoft – their Word Mobile and OneDrive apps are the top 10 fastest-growing apps on Android, with around 50 million to 100 million downloads on Google’s Play Store.

Skooler partners with Microsoft UK to improve Office 365 for educational institutions

Norwegian education technology company, Skooler, has partnered with Microsoft UK to bring its Skooler Dashboard to education institutions throughout the UK, and make Office 365 more usable and productive, for both teachers and students.

Microsoft Japan hosts a girls-only Xbox party

As Microsoft’s gaming competitors in Japan take a far lead in Japan, the company has begun to fight back, by trying to appeal to Japanese gamers. It hosted a girls-only Xbox party in Japan, which included cute cakes, yummy!

Taking a little step back from the serious news – Microsoft Rickrolls business customers

You heard it here first. Microsoft accidentally set an upcoming business app finder website live, and it included, what we assume to be, an in-house developer prank, by placing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video in a modal window when clicking ‘How it works’.

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