Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit 3 is now an independent organization

Robert Collins

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Microsoft has announced that the MRTK3 project has now transitioned into an independent organization within the GitHub repository. As per the Microsoft Blog post,

From its inception, we created the MRTK3 project to be cross-platform and open-source to benefit the entire ecosystem, not just HoloLens 2. We believe that to be a true multi-platform toolkit that enables greater third-party collaboration, MRTK needs to be recognized as an independent organization that expands beyond Microsoft’s sole jurisdiction. 

man wearing mixed reality headset

The post goes on to say that “As its own organization, MRTK is now free of previous constraints that made it difficult for developers to introduce other endpoints and influence feature roadmaps.”

The post also announced that both Magic Leap and Qualcomm Technologies have joined the MRTK3 project’s steering committee. Both are major players in the AR (Augmented Reality) technology scene.

MRTK3 is expected to become generally available by Q3 this year, and will roll out for developers in the second week of September. Anyone interested in the MRTK3 project can read more about it here.

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