Microsoft may acquire popular social news reader Prismatic

Sean Cameron


Having been on something of a spending spree recently, Microsoft may be set to acquire Prismatic, a popular social news reader.

It is no secret that Redmond has a rather a large rainy day fund saved away. Indeed, recently it has been making the presence of that money felt, purchasing the likes of email firm Acompli, stylus concern N-trig and calendar maestros Sunrise for hundreds of millions of dollars. Though mere pocket change, these acquisitions will be merged into the core Microsoft business and software experience, and tangible benefits will be felt by the end consumer.

To this end, Prismatic, a popular social news reader, may be the latest app to join this list. Recommending articles to users based on activity in their social networks, Prismatic has attracted attention from some big players, including Apple, Yahoo, Google and Facebook. As such, expect to hear more on this relatively soon, these guys won’t be out in the open for long.

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