Microsoft marks Edge Extensions as “in development” for mobile

Laurent Giret


Over the last few weeks, Microsoft has been making progress about extensions support on its new Edge browser with more extensions starting to show up on the Windows Store. While Microsoft has been working to guarantee users a straightforward installation process through the Windows Store, the few Edge extensions currently released have only been available for Windows Insiders on PCs and tablets.

However, as spotted in a new report from Italian website Plaffo, Microsoft has revealed on its Windows 10 Roadmap for Business web page that Edge extensions are currently in development for Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones (scroll down to “in development” to see the following image):

According to this official page, Edge extensions are currently in development for mobile.
According to this official page, Edge extensions are currently in development for mobile.

Microsoft has yet to confirm that extensions support is coming for Windows 10 Mobile, so in the meantime we suggest you to take this information with the usual grain of salt. But still, if Microsoft’s new browser is a universal Windows 10 app, could it make sense to bring extensions to the mobile branch of Windows 10? While this feature could well make Edge a better browser than Safari or Chrome on mobile devices, Microsoft probably needs first to figure out how to make extensions usable on small-screened and less powerful devices without degrading usability and performance.

We expect Microsoft to make Edge extensions generally available in the upcoming Windows 10 anniversary update, and the company really needs to first get it right on PCs before broadening the availability of Edge extensions on mobile devices. Would you like Edge to support extensions on mobile devices? Please tell us what you think in the comments.