Microsoft makes it official: no Band 3 this year and the Band 2 has been pulled from online Store

Arif Bacchus

A new report out by Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet has revealed that Microsoft confirmed that there will not be a Microsoft Band 3 this year and that the Band 2 has officially been pulled from Microsoft’s online retail store.

According to Mary Joe, Microsoft has removed all instances of Band devices from the online store, and (although unverified) is also removing Band devices from physical retail stores. In addition, the company also removed the Band software development kit, and according to rumors has dispersed Band hardware team members to other portions of the company.

Microsoft had the following statement to offer:

“We have sold through our existing Band 2 inventory and have no plans to release another Band device this year. We remain committed to supporting our Microsoft Band 2 customers through Microsoft Stores and our customer support channels and will continue to invest in the Microsoft Health platform, which is open to all hardware and apps partners across Windows, iOS, and Android devices.”

The news might not come as a big of a surprise, as Microsoft recently let go of the entire team which was working on Windows 10 for the Band. Pushes to get rid of the fitness-centric device, nonetheless, have also occurred, as the Band 2 has been on sale at various retailers throughout the last few months, and the Microsoft Health app was recently renamed to just Microsoft Band.

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