Microsoft makes it easy to have 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connectivity in Windows 8


In a new Building Windows 8 blog post, Microsoft talks about how easy it is to use 3G and 4G connectivity along with Wi-Fi in Windows 8. On top of that, no new drivers need to be installed and the company makes it easier than ever to get the internet up and running no matter what type of connection you are on.

“We have re-engineered the wireless networking stack to optimize it for both mobile broadband and Wi-Fi networks. We’ve done a ton of work to enable mobile broadband providers to make it easy for you to use 3G and 4G connectivity along with Wi-Fi in Windows 8. In addition to this architectural work, we’ve worked on keeping Windows connected to a network even when in a low-power state,” Microsoft states in an official blog post.

Microsoft acknowledges that they understand consumers would prefer to have their PC automatically connected to the internet and ready for use whenever and wherever the user is and not have to worry about manually connecting to the internet.

“For Windows 8, we fully developed and integrated mobile broadband (MB) as a first-class connectivity experience within Windows – right alongside Wi-Fi,” Microsoft adds. The company has also eliminated the “guesswork” in locating and installing device drivers for mobile broadband.

Microsoft also adds that Windows 8 will provide native radio management to eliminate any conflict or confusion. The new Windows 8 network settings will allow the user to turn on and off individual radios, such as Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, and Bluetooth) and even disable all radios by enabling the “airplane mode” setting.

Windows 8 also has native support that allows a user to not only select but also connect to any supported carrier from within the Windows user interface. Even then, Windows 8 will notify the user if they are exceeding their data cap.

We will be seeing some new wireless networking features and enhancements in Windows 8 and it sure is to be a game changer. “We designed Windows 8 with you—and mobility—in mind. We set out to simplify your experience with getting and staying connected across mobile broadband and Wi-Fi networks, removing hurdles and whenever possible, doing the right things automatically for you,” Microsoft concludes.