Microsoft makes fun of Google with Gmail Man video, again


An internal video, leaked last year, showcased a special and funny sales video that poked fun at Google’s Gmail. Just recently, Google and Microsoft have gone at it over privacy policy changes and now Microsoft is responding by officially releasing this video on Youtube!

With the recent changes in privacy policies that Google has ushered across its line of products and not offering any opt-out, users have raised concern over the lack of privacy and choices. For these users grappling with the changes, Microsoft has been advertising better alternatives to Google products.

Today, Microsoft uploaded a special video to its Youtube account, a Google-owned property by the way. The video is called “Gmail Man” and is intended to show you just how much Google cares more about advertising revenue than privacy. Microsoft makes fun of a few Gmail features such as “Gmail Ads learning from your inbox” by poking fun at how Google scans your email content as a part of its advertising system. Take a look at the video below: