Microsoft made an official Xbox Game Pass soundtrack and it’s wack

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass video game subscription service has always had a knack for quirky and bizarre promotions and its latest marketing effort isn’t any different.

What was this latest Game Pass promotion? Why, an official album with four songs inspired by Xbox video games and the ever-evolving Xbox Game Pass library of course.

The album itself is called “WOW! That’s What I Call XGP Vol.1” while the songs are “The Gift That Keeps On Giving,” “Leaving Soon,” “So Many Games,” and “Launch Day.”

Each track is rather… unique. A special promo video was released which you can watch below.

WOW! That’s What I Call XGP Vol.1 can be listened to in full for free on the official Xbox Game Pass SoundCloud account. Unfortunately, no physical release has been announced.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate