Microsoft Lumia 950 prototype images surface

Sean Cameron

Lumia 950

It has been a long, long time since a worthy flagship running Windows Phone has been released. And for a long time, it seemed that this state of affairs was only set to continue, but in the last week or two, things have begun to get interesting.

Recently, we learned great deal of information about the two reported successor devices to the Lumia 930 and 1520, that is to say ‘Cityman’ and ‘Talkman’, the supposed Lumia 950 and 950 XL. And now, lending further credence to the reports, images of a Lumia 950 prototype have surfaced on the WPXAP forums.

Housed inside a black protective casing, it is difficult to make too much from the images. From what we can tell, the camera comes with a dual-tone flash, and a 20MP camera. It also appears to be running on a build of Windows 10 Mobile, 10240 to be precise. The phone eschews a more common MicroUSB port for the newer USB Type C standard and has a polycarbonate design, along with a removable back-plate. Both the 950 and the 950 XL are also expected to come with software keys, most likely in-order to maximize the screen real estate, keeping the overall size of the device down while increasing the display footprint.

Lumia 950

It is also reported, from sightings of the camera software, that the device will be able to shoot FullHD footage at 120 FPS, catching up with other modern smartphones in this regard. An early build of Continuum is also shown.

Either at IFA, or a special even held later in the year, the release of these two devices is only growing closer, and with the future of Windows 10 Mobile riding on their shoulders, expect the scrutiny to be intense.

Are you excited by these new flagship devices? What do you want from a new high-tier Windows Phone device? Let us know in the comments below.