Microsoft Loop is now available in Preview on iPad

Priya Walia


Microsoft has launched an iPad-optimized version of its Loop app, which can be downloaded for free via Test Flight. The company first introduced Microsoft Loop, a rival to Notion, in 2021.

By the end of the year, the software giant had announced that Loop had entered the private preview stage. In March this year, the public preview of the Loop app was unveiled, showcasing workspaces, pages, and components that could be synchronized across Microsoft 365.

The newly launched Loop app is now available across multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and the Web.

We’ve heard your requests loud and clear: Loop is now available in preview on iPad! Thank you for your valuable feedback! Our team worked at lightning speed to bring you the iPad version of Loop, announced Microsoft Loop on Twitter

Key points to note

  • It is crucial to realize that to access Loop with M365 accounts as the App needs to be activated within the corresponding organization. Users will be alerted if Loop isn’t activated in their organization during sign-in.
  • With Loop enabled, the app will automatically navigate to workspaces and show the latest content.
  • The recent version of the Loop iPad app does not support digital inking.
  • Nevertheless, users can use the Apple Pencil and the Scribble feature of the iPad for text input in Loop.

Microsoft Loop is a tool that features shared workspaces and unique content segments known as Loop components. These components can be shared and embedded within various Microsoft 365 applications.

A key advantage of Loop is its collaborative functionality. Multiple users can update shared components, ensuring synchronization regardless of where they are embedded. For instance, one person could modify a component in an Outlook email and another in a Teams chat; the latest modifications would be simultaneously reflected in both places.