Microsoft looks to be working on a Blue Light Reduction feature for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Jack Wilkinson

Blue Light is an issue that has grown in popularity lately. This particular type of light is emitted from many of the devices we use day-to-day, but what many don’t know is just how dangerous it is to our vision. Technology has begun to help rectify this growing issue, by implementing features that prevent blue light from being emitted in the first place. Many monitors and devices come built-in with either hardware or software that can reduce or remove blue light.

Now, Microsoft has been seen trying to implement similar functionality directly into Windows 10. In the latest Windows Insider build on the Fast Ring, 14915, files have been spotted that allude to the company working on a so-called Blue Light Reduction feature, as spotted by Core:

According to Core, the feature, if it makes its way to the User Interface in the future, will be a Quick Action toggle that is found in the Notification area of Windows 10 for PC and Mobile. Toggling this on will reduce the blue right that is emitted from your Windows 10 device, in a similar way to how the popular f.lux program works.

On top of this, it appears the feature will also be able to automatically adjust its intensity based on the sunset and sunrise of the location of the device, allowing the correct amount of blue light to be emitted to avoid it affecting the sleep schedule of the person looking at the device.

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