Microsoft looks to take on Apple's Find My Friends app with new 'People Sense' for Windows Phone


Details on Microsoft's new location-sharing app 'People Sense' leaked

Microsoft is apparently working on  anew location-sharing app called People Sense, which will allow users to chat and share their location with friends and family members. The app also integrates Bing Maps with messaging and calling features.

Detailed by Spanish site Microsoft Place, People Sense allows you to specify a group of people you want to share your location with, and allows you to see real-time information about them — such as their location on a map, detailed directions, and calling/messaging features for that contact . The app is currently codenamed Buddy Aware and you can take a look at a short hands-on demo of the app below.

Microsoft will likely add more features to the app as it is currently under active development and it’s currently unknown if this app will be a replacement to the Rooms feature, which Microsoft dropped just recently. Interestingly enough, Apple has a similar app called “Find My Friends” which allows you to find your way to the party, keep track of family at a crowded amusement park, or get picked up at the airport. Could this be a similar app? Will it be universal on both Windows and Windows Phone? We’ll have more on this as it develops.