Microsoft looking to push updates to Windows Phone Dev Preview, bringing support for HTC

Staff Writer

Lumia 1520Those of you with the Windows Phone Developer Preview are used to seeing updates before they show up in the OS on consumer devices – unless you have an HTC phone, in which case you have probably been feeling left out since the latest dev preview update – –WP 8.1 Update 1 — as it did not support HTC. However, that will change soon, as Microsoft is looking to add support HTC in an update tentatively scheduled for this week.

In addition to support for HTC, the update will address storage installation problems and a Cyan ramp-up. The storage installation problems refers to the bug a small group experienced in Update 1 (error 8018830f ). This had to do with low system storage in the installation partition, and could not be fixed by freeing memory you have access to. Those of you that were experiencing it will be able to install Update 1 as soon as this update goes live. Cyan is the update from Nokia to enhance the Windows Phone experience that Microsoft has taken over, and is continuing to work on. 

This was announced by Joe Belfiore, one of the team leads for Windows Phone, in a tweet that you can see below. If you haven’t signed up for the preview and would like to, you can get started here