Microsoft leaks Dynamics 365 prices, starts at $50 a month for a Business Edition user

Kit McDonald

dynamics 365

Encore Business might have let the cat out of the bag for Microsoft after posting a blog on September 12 that disappeared shortly after. The broken link reveals that it was about the Dynamics 365 licensing pricing, information that has eluded us so far. But Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet was lucky enough to catch a lingering hint in her RSS Feed. The screenshots were just a glimpse into the business and enterprise models.

To fill you in, Dynamics 365 is a mix up of AX ERP suite, Dynamics CRM Online, and other software hosted on Azure for businesses and enterprises. The definition between the two being that business commonly have under 250 employees compared to an enterprise that has more than that. Microsoft is splitting up Dynamics 365 into two different editions to accommodate for each of these needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business will be starting with a price of $50 for each month or $5 for a Team Members subscription per user. Each comes with PowerApps and Financials as well as Sales and Marketing which are expected to be revealed at the beginning of next year.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition has a bit more variety. Plan 1 offers the PowerApps, Field Service, Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing modules which would add up to a discounted price of $115 per month. Plan 2 has all of the above and includes the additions of Operations for the price of $210 per month. The Team Members cost for the Enterprise edition is nearly as cheap as the other with only a $10 per user per month.

Of course, it’s expected that modules can be purchased on their own considering the images showing each price. Foley from ZDNet even reached out to a Microsoft representative to confirm if the prices were accurate, but Microsoft replied: “At this point, we aren’t sharing any specific pricing or licensing details or commenting on speculation.”

Maybe we’ll find out more later this year at the next Dynamics User Group Summit.