Microsoft lays out new secure ways for Graph connector content discovery across Microsoft 365

Priya Walia

Microsoft has introduced a new feature on its web application Microsoft 365. The tech giant has expanded the varieties of content sources displayed on Microsoft 365 and the broader Microsoft ecosystem with the new Microsoft Graph connectors.

The much-awaited integration is good news for IT administrators who can now expediently enable any Microsoft Graph connectors built by an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) within the Microsoft Teams admin center, the software giant asserts.

Let’s dive in to see how this is set to enhance productivity for users and administrators.

New Avenues to Discover with Microsoft 365

Microsoft Graph connector’s integration with the Microsoft 365 web app unlocks a new world of seamless productivity. The Microsoft 365 web app, housing all your preferred productivity apps, offers a safe, integrated experience based on Microsoft Graph.

Users get access to personalized recommendations powered by Microsoft Graph. The connectors also make inaccessible third-party content to be displayed and discovered across the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Easier Admin Experiences with Teams Admin Center

This new feature further simplifies the administrative process for IT administrators as they can now enable/disable a graph connector built by an ISV within the Teams admin center. This is good news for IT administrators, who previously contacted the ISVs directly to manage their Graph connector. Furthermore, the intuitive change enhances the management experience while significantly reducing the manual intervention required.

To kick off, you have a choice between two paths. You can either:

  1. Employ a widely-used Graph connector and enhance the visibility of your content across Microsoft 365.
  2. Reach out to System Integrator partners for the construction of a custom Microsoft Graph connector.

The company’s strategic move of integrating Microsoft Graph connectors in the Microsoft 365 web app unlocks a host of benefits. It not only expands the scope of content sources but also encourages efficient work processes by making it trouble-free for IT administrators to manage the connectors.