Microsoft launches several new features for Office For Mac Insiders

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft’s Derek Snook laid out what features are included in a recent Insiders update for Office 2016 for Mac. Snook is responsible for feature development on Office 2016 for Mac and he gave Office Insiders a look at the new features that will become available in this new update. Please note that this update applies to users with an Office 365 subscription in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Real-time co-authoring and AutoSave for OneDrive and SharePoint files. Changes are automatically saved as you work, and when you co-author with others, you can see their changes as they work.
  • A new Share menu makes it easier to share files that are stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.
    PowerPoint QuickStarter is now on Mac! Powered by the Bing Knowledge graph, QuickStarter reinvents the deck creation process by building a presentation outline to help you get started researching a topic of your choosing.
  • New and modern chart types: Say hello to Waterfall, Funnel, Histogram, Pareto, Box & Whisker, Treemap and Sunburst-six powerful charts that help you quickly visualize common financial, statistical and hierarchical data.

In addition to these updates for Office 365 subscribers, there is another update that is available for everyone that uses Office 2016 for Mac:

We’ve updated Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Some additional methods, properties, objects, and enums available to Windows Office users will now work on Mac as well. There are still differences between the Mac and Windows Object Model, so you will still see ‘not supported on this platform’ for some elements. More details on the Object Model changes will be available soon.

Additionally, this big update, changes the version number for Office Fast Ring Insiders to build 16.6 (171001). Going forward, all new builds will begin with 16.xx, a bump up from the previous build version numbers of 15.xx.

If you have any issues with specific services under the Office 365 umbrella, you can look here at the new features and known issues in the Office 2016 for Mac Insider Fast Release notes:

If you are using Office 2016 for Mac Insider Fast build and want to send your feedback or comments, you can do so from within Office apps. In Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, click the 🙂 “Smile” button in the top corner of the app. If you are using Outlook, click Help>Contact Support.

Stay tuned for more Office 2016 for Mac Insider builds headed your way soon!