Microsoft launches new Search and Intelligence admin portal homepage

Devesh Beri

Microsoft has launched a new homepage for the Search and Intelligence admin portal, enabling organizations to access a range of Microsoft Search features and functions more easily. The new homepage provides a single entry point to Graph connectors, user feedback, educational content, and more. The new homepage is intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Users can quickly access and view necessary information.
  • Users can easily navigate and interact with different tiles.
  • Users will be able to customize their homepage by pinning their favorite tiles.

Here are some of the key features of the new Search and Intelligence admin portal homepage:

  • Connectors tile: Shows the status of each connection in the tenant and any errors or warnings. Users can also use the tile to create a new connection quickly, edit an existing connection, or troubleshoot issues.
  • User feedback tile: User feedback is valuable to understand how people use and perceive Microsoft Search and what improvements they want to see.
  • Learning tile: Provides insightful information to continue to improve Search in the organization, showing best practices, tips, and resources to help users leverage the full potential of Microsoft Search.
  • Analytics tile: Users can access reports and dashboards that show key metrics and trends for Microsoft Search usage and performance in their organization.
  • Answers tile: Users can manage and address open actions for their custom editorial answers in Microsoft Search. Editorial answers enhance search relevance and satisfaction by guiding users to relevant resources for specific queries or topics.

The new Search & intelligence admin portal homepage is available now to all Search Admins. To access the new homepage, users can log in to the Search & intelligence section of the Microsoft 365 admin center.