Microsoft launches, a concept site showcasing HTML5 and touch



Microsoft has launched a new site that showcases how HTML5 and touch is moving the web forward. This new concept site uses intuitive gestures to mix audio files in order to create an original sound track.

“ is a concept website that lets users use intuitive touch gestures to mix audio files to create an original sound track. The experience centers on an original sound track from Blake Lewis, the singer, songwriter and DJ. The site lets users use their fingers to mix the stem files of Blake’s song to create a killer music experience. The visual aspect of the site is also enhanced by a psychedelic explosion of colors that beats to the user’s every touch,” the site description reads.

Microsoft has also released a new video for Internet Explorer 10 which centers around touch and features a song called “Your Touch” from Blake Lewis. Check out the video below and hit the source link to check out the site.